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And I half way between not that bike and not any bike

Please keep the discussion clean and neutral. If you are part of a particular school of Meditation/Yoga then please disclose this and keep an open mind there exist many forms of meditation, and experience of Truth is subjective by definition.Please read up on the subreddit rules here, before posting.Please do not post your personal blog, pretty pictures, or videos unless these have particular relevance to meditation this does not include generic captioned images.Images may be posted over at /r/meditationpics.Meditation music and guided meditations may be posted over at /r/audiomeditation. Audio tracks consisting of teachings are OK to post here.Short inspirational quotes or texts should be posted as self posts.Please don use URL shorteners when submitting links! They will be caught by the spam filter, and users like to see where they going.Could Astral Projection, Astral Traveling, OBE, NDE, meditation, and sleep paralysis be related in any form? Let’s explore the Astral Highway!Tibetan Singing Bowls: pure meditation sounds with Fibonacci proportions f..

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