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I managed to get him to lay down

Chris Lollie says he was just sitting in front of a First National Bank in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, on Jan. 31, waiting to pick up his kids, when an employee from a nearby store approached him and asked him to move. Yeah it not ruining his life. It just not giving him a job he interviewing for. You don even have to deny him based on the rape accusation.

In highschool, I was at volleyball practice and doing a blocking drill with a line of hitters. Our assistant coach was a nerdy, athletic, young teacher and he always wanted to do the drills. He could hit HARD but I blocked him which surprised us all because I was like 4th line and terrible at volleyball.

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DAUDELIN: Most states fund a system that offer public guardians to people in need, but Indiana doesn’t. So a lot of the people Gryzbek saw ended up with private guardians who are paid for the service. Lake County Judge Diane Kavadias Schneider says there are private guardians who do good work.

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