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At one stage, however, it lost control; the Prime Minister’s per.Opinion: 6 Questions For Team Modi On Rafale Deal By Yashwant SinhaYashwant SinhaThursday, September 27, 2018Two questions, apart from many other relevant ones, are naturally occupying the minds of people as the controversy rages. The first is price and the delivery schedule of the planes; the second is the appointment of the Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defence as the major offset partner.Opinion: Time To Punish Modi For Demonetisation Fiasco By Yashwant SinhaYashwant SinhaTuesday, September 4, 2018Prime Minister Modi had said in a public meeting that he wanted only 50 days from the people of India (up to December 31) to achieve the objectives of the scheme. If it failed, he said he would appear before the people at any chowraha (public intersection) to take any punishment the people would determine for him.

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