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There are more than six million sufferers in the UK and

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replica wallets Well as it happens, a backsword is not so mysterious or complex a weapon as the name may imply. It is essentially a single edged sword that is ‘backed’ by a thicker, reinforced spine. Thus the term ‘backsword’. Don’t let eczema get you down Get daily news updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!Whether you are unfortunate enough to be born with the skin condition or you develop it in later life, eczema can be painful, embarrassing and debilitating.There are more than six million sufferers in the UK and, according to a survey by Lloyds Pharmacy, it can cause people to avoid intimacy, take time off work and cancel social events.What can be done to get your skin back on track? Here are our tips from the health expertsWhat is eczema?Eczema is red, flaky and itchy skin, which will often crack and weep. The most common type of eczema is atopic (caused by allergies), but people may suffer from contact eczema (flare ups after touching allergens such as nickel or rubber), discoid (which occurs in coin shaped patches), or seborrheic (eczema of the scalp).Atopic eczema is in your genes, and often goes hand in hand with hay fever and asthma.»You can send eczema into remission, but you’ll always have it it’s a case of whether you have symptoms or not,» says GP Dr Rob Hicks. «The aim of the treatment is to keep people free from flare ups.»Although you may be genetically predisposed to eczema, it can only be set off by a trigger, which could be anything from nuts to dog hair, wool to cigarette smoke, and establishing what it is, is key to treatment.1 replica wallets.

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