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, where the heat climbed into the 100s

old Katera Barker died in vehicle

The MetropolitanNashville Police Department said on Twitter that the child wastaken toVanderbilt University Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.[Fatal distraction: Forgetting a child in the canada goose factory outlet vancouver back seat of a car canada goose outlet in new york is a horrifying mistake. Wednesday whenMatt Barker took his 1 year old daughter,Katera, and her 5 year old sibling today care, canada goose outlet online uk Nashville police said in a statement to The Washington Post.Barker reportedly dropped the older child at a canada goose outlet black friday sale day care center in Nashville but forgotKatera, who was in her car seat in the back canada goose outlet london uk of his truck, police said. Then he returned home, police said, parked the vehicle in the driveway and called a canada goose outlet legit ride shareservice canada goose outlet vancouver to take him to the airport, canada goose outlet england where he planned to catch a flight for an out of town business trip.The children’s canada goose outlet jackets mother, Jenny, went to work in her car, police said.It wasn’t until that evening whenJenny Barker went to pick up the children from day care that canada goose outlet store toronto she learned that her younger childhad not beendroppedoff, police said.»She telephoned her husband and came canada goose outlet in toronto tothe realization canada goose outlet website legit that Katera was still in the pickup truck,» police said in the statement. Police said that as she pulled into the driveway at the home on Virginia Avenue, she dialed 911.»She removed Katera from the pickup truck and beganCPR canada goose outlet 2015 until paramedics arrived,» police said.Ina study released canada goose outlet in usa Thursday byArizona State University and the University of California at San Diego School of Medicine,researchers compared temperatures inside six vehicles inTempe, Ariz., where the heat climbed into the 100s. They found that vehicles canada goose outlet toronto location parked in the shade hitnearly 100 degrees within just an hour. When vehicles were parked Canada Goose Outlet in the sun, the temperaturesrose to116 degrees.»These tests replicated what might happen during a shopping trip,» Nancy Selover, canada goose outlet store uk a climatologist and research professor attheSchool of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning at Arizona State, said in a statement. «We wanted to know what the interior of each vehicle would canada goose outlet us be like after one hour, about the amount of time it would take to get groceries.»But, the researcher said, what surprised them was the surface temperatures.When vehicles were parked in direct sunlight, the seats averaged 123 degrees within that same period. Steering wheels, 127 degrees. Dashboards, 157 degrees.»We’ve all gone back to our cars on hot days and have been barely able to touch the steering wheel,» Selover said. «But imagine what that would be like to a child trapped in a car seat. And once you introduce a person into these hot cars, they are exhaling humidity https://www.gofind.ca into the air. When there is more humidity in the air, a person can’t cool down by sweating because sweat won’t evaporate as quickly.»The situation can turn dire whena body temperature reachesmore than 104 degrees anda person cannot cool down. In such cases, the person can experience heat stroke becoming dizzy, disoriented and confused, feeling fatigued canada goose outlet toronto factory or falling into a coma, according to the National Institutes of Health. When the condition is not properly and promptly treated, it canlead to death.In the recent study, canada goose outlet store montreal the researchers canada goose outlet vip discovered that a young child trapped in canada goose jacket outlet toronto a hot car in the sun could reachlife threatening temperatures in about an hour.Following the hot car death in Tennessee,NewsChannel 5 reported that the child canada goose outlet online reviews was recently adopted by theBarkers and celebrated her 1st canada goose outlet uk sale birthday withthem.Police saidthe father flew home Wednesday night and that the couple havebeen cooperating with the police investigation. No canada goose outlet belgium charges have been filed, police said.

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