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You just sort of change your life

For the year, it expects to report earnings of $0.56/share, or $0.08 excluding items, on sales of about $1.06B, down from its prior outlook for profit of $1.34 $1.44 on sales of $1.12B $1.5B. Analysts had been expecting earnings of $0.10/share excluding items on sales of $237M for Q2, earnings of $1.02 on sales of $521.4M for Q3 and earnings of $1.36 on sales of $1.13B for the fiscal year. Share fell 3.5% to $23.05 in extended trading Monday.Sources: Press release, APCommentary: UBS Downgrades THQ On Weak Sales Of New Titles Citigroup, Credit Suisse Get Bullish On Video Games.

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